TSS HOT ROD: The sum of our parts! Week 7

It’s been 2 weeks since we visited the shop…March madness in the form of snow interrupted everyone’s schedule! Thankfully, we are in the capable hands of Miles and Gus who have done some work behind the scenes.

The clutch and break assembly along with the gas tank were put in the car on those snowy days!

The gang started with the video about the evolution of a car’s suspension system…

One good question asked: what is the difference between a wheel and a tire? The inside rim is the wheel and the rubber outside is the tire!

They all had to put on their gloves and grease up the parts…

The boys used wrenches in US standard measurements of 15/16 and 7/8…I usually test out all the wrenches to see which one fits! Then they installed the passenger front lower control arms.

Time flies when you’re having fun!

Week 7 Gallery