TSS HOT ROD: The sum of our parts! Week 5

Over our February break, Jack G. and Anders P. were able to spend some time at Altezza Restoration working on the TSS Hot Rod! Under the guidance of Miles and with the proper safety gear, these 2 boys, the youngest of the TSS students participating in this adventure, are adding their hard work and passion to this collaborative project.

This was the last visit to the shop with a group of students new to this experience. Instead of cars in the showroom, we were greeted by this guy…TSS students love dogs!

The Ferrari was a big hit this week…

And the Aston Martin too..

Body work was the focus of intrigue this week. The kids heard a lot of tap, tap, tapping and followed the noise to the back room where we found Pedro hard at work. The students were interested in what he was doing and he explained that he was replacing a rusted-out area on a car. He went on to spell out the beginning steps in the process…cut out the rusted part, attach a new piece, tap it into place and in the right shape…and so on.

This meeting of the minds brought about a couple of questions…
What color will the TSS Hot Rod be? (TBD) When will it be finished? (By June)

Another great trip to the shop!

Week 5 Gallery