TSS HOT ROD: The sum of our parts! Week 2

Our second visit to Altezza Restorations included a very enthusiastic group of students. They loved the cars on the showroom floor that included everything from a 1929 Pierce Arrow to a 2017 Aston Martin!

Have you ever felt overwhelmed by… a homework assignment, a social studies or science project, your “to-do” list? Today we asked Miles and Gus how they approach restoring a car.
The boys noticed that the cars were in (many) parts and in different states of disrepair.

Miles explained that they break the process down into parts and start with the frame of the car. Sound familiar? We often encourage our students to break assignments down into manageable parts.

Some important points:

  • Everything on the car attaches to the frame in some way (kind of like our own skeleton)
  • The frames can be made out of steel, fiberglass, plastic, or aluminum
  • The process involves sanding, putting on “filler, sanding again, putting on primer, etc.
  • Students recognized that people who specialize in “body work” need to have patience and pay attention to details.
The frame of our TSS Hot Rod

The students saw frame work being done that created a lot of dust (left). All of the people working on the different parts of cars had their own rooms, or workspace. Jack Gisby, TSS student and son of Mike and Kathleen GIsby owners of Altezza Restorations, did a great job explaining to us the purpose and importance of the “painting room.” It is in this room that the paint is heated so when applied it sticks, dries faster, and hardens. The boys noticed that this space is very clean and “dust-free!”

Time went by quickly, and as one boy put it, “It felt like we were only there 3 minutes!” Yes, time flies when you’re having fun.

Week 2 Gallery