TSS HOT ROD: The sum of our parts! Week 11

This visit focused on wheels, tires, and treads:

Two strategies for putting a tire on a car and tightening the lug nuts: sit-and-lift and the star pattern!

Watch the “pit-crew” in action!

Where the rubber meets the road….all four tires on the ground!

Other work being done on the TSS Hot Rod: Progressive sanding: sand and prime, sand and prime, paint, sand, and buff!

Week 11 Gallery

TSS HOT ROD: The sum of our parts! Week 12

What a day! We had the pleasure of having reporter Jummy Olabanji and her camera person Nicole from NBC4 New York on the TSS campus and with us at Altezza Restoration today.

What a beautiful school!

Back to the TSS Hot Rod….

LOUD engine…a V8 going into the 1974 Pantera

Review while Mrs. Gisby is interviewed…

The sum of our parts….

Getting the shots…

Design your own TSS Hotrod!

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Week 12 Gallery